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June 14

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Bucktown School House is Dedicated
June 14, 1908

Alfred Bonnabel, Jefferson Parish school director who served on the school board from 1872 through 1918, dedicated a two-room schoolhouse in Bucktown on June 14, 1908. For the occasion the little building was decorated with palms and flags, a stringed orchestra played, and food was served by Mrs. John C. Bruining and Mrs. E. Werner. Also in attendance was Adolf W. Shultz, superintendent of schools, whose son Ralph would later call the schoolhouse his home and business - R. Shultz's "Fresh" Hardware. (Photo from Lynn Markey Accardo.  Text from Metairie (Images of America: Louisiana) by Catherine Campanella)

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Shushan Airport Milneburg Joys

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Vice President Al Gore's campaign tried to grab a little of the electoral spotlight, launching Sunday its Mayors for Gore effort with endorsements from 171 mayors from across the country. Mayor Marc Morial of New Orleans joined Richard Daley of Chicago, Bill Campbell of Atlanta, Kurt Schmoke of Baltimore, Thomas M. Menino of Boston, Edward Rendell of Philadelphia and dozens of other mayors in endorsing Gore's presidential bid. Gore, who danced his way through a fund-raiser on Bourbon Street Monday morning, is in New Orleans to address the U.S. Conference of Mayors.  (From June 14, 1999 CNN report.)

BAIRD, Absalom, soldier. Born, Washington, Pa., August 20, 1824. Graduated from U. S. Military Academy, 1849; prior to Civil War fought Florida Seminoles, stationed on Texas frontier, and taught at West Point. Staff officer, Eastern theater, 1861-1862; division commander (brigadier general), Western theater, 1862-1865. Superintendent of Freedmen's Bureau in Louisiana, from November 1865 to September 1866; military commander of Louisiana, May-September 1866. Reverted to major, 1866; inspector general of various army departments, 1866-1885; inspector general of the army, 1885-1888. Retired in latter year as brigadier general. General Baird's unpreparedness, absence of foresight and poor sense of timing enabled a race riot to break out in New Orleans on July 30, 1866. Thirty-eight persons died and 146 were injured. (General Baird blamed New Orleans police for the debacle.) In his other role as head of the Freedmen's Bureau in Louisiana, Baird's performance was less controversial and generally creditable. Died, Relay, Md., June 14, 1905. M.T.C. Sources: Ezra J. Warner, Generals in Blue . . . (1964); H. A. White, The Freedmen's Bureau in Louisiana (1970); J. G. Dawson III, Army Generals and Reconstruction: Louisiana, 1862-1877 (1982). From

William Freret died in New Orleans on June 14, 1864, He was Mayor of New Orleans from May 10, 1840 -- April 4, 1842 and again from February 27, 1843 -- May 12, 1844. Freret is buried in St. Patrick Cemetery. Freret Street in New Orleans is named for him.  (WIKI)

Julien de Lallande Poydras died in Pointe Coupee Parish on June 14, 1824. A French-American, he was born in Rezé (near Nantes), Pays-de-la-Loire, France. He served in the French Navy, and was captured by the British in 1760 and taken to England. He escaped on board a West Indian merchantman to Saint-Domingue, from which he immigrated to New Orleans in 1768. Poydras served as Delegate from the Territory of Orleans to the United States House of Representatives. He wrote the first poetry published in Louisiana in 1779. He was president of the first legislative council of the Territory of Orleans. He founded the Female Orphan Asylum in New Orleans, and was elected to the House, serving from March 4, 1809 - March 3, 1811. He was the president of the first state Constitutional Convention. He founded and endowed the Poydras Asylum, and died in Pointe Coupee, Louisiana. He was originally interred in Old St. Francis Cemetery, then he was reinterred on the grounds of the Poydras High School, New Roads, Louisiana. New Orleans' Poydras Street in named in his honor. (WIKI)

February 14, 1981 -- Times-Picayune

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