Archbishop Rummel High School History

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1968 - 1969

First, a nostalgic look at the end pages of the 1969 Raider year book -- the sponsored advertisements.  Many of the businesses including Fontana's and Swanson's, Forest Steakhouse, the Arrow Room, Kenner Bowl, Charle's Chips, Mr. Tuxedo, Tab's Lounge, and Freddie's Bar have long since closed but some still remain.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy our trip down memory lane.

Photo: 1969 Beatles White Album on 8-track tape

Times Have Changed

In 1969 Plaza Platters music store on West Esplanade at Transcontinental Drive sold "Records-Tapes-Needles- 45's-stereos". Eight track tapes could also be found at Tape City USA, 4330 Veterans at Kingman Street -- now aging Raiders can get their bifocals from Eyecare Associates at the same location.  Bennett's camera shop on Baronne Street offered "24-Hour Kodachrome and Ecktachrome Film Processing".  TACCA airlines touted BAC ONE-ELEVEN FAN JETS.

Let's Make a Deal

Schoen Life Insurance advertised, "MAKE A DEAL...DIAL A SAINT...865-1172".  The phone number now connects to a doctor's office.

Jefferson Parish Still Growing

Photo: 1969 aerial view of Metairie at Lake Pontchartrain.  Causeway Boulevard runs north to south in the right of this photograph.  Lakeside Shopping Center can be seen in the rear/right.

The fact that much land in Jefferson Parish was still available in 1969 is indicated by a U-NEED-A-HOME INC. advertisement ("We Build to Satisfy You").  The company was located at 601 Manson Avenue.  A home is now located there.  Other area contractors included in the year book were Elite Homes, Donald G. Lambert, Gervais F. Favrot, Howard Builders, Louis L. Chevalier, Louis K. Gremillion, and G. & B. Construction.

Specialty Items

School shoes could be purchased from Ponseti's ("Where Fit Comes First") on Airline Hwy. in the M.A. Green Shopping Center.  "For Your Rummel Blazer -- Diviney's (First in seconds, Not Second Best...Factory Seconds, That Is!)". 

Rummel Senior photographs were taken (then painted) at Tippery Studio, 125 Camp Street.  Chapelle girls, however, went to Darrell deMoss Photographers at 3235 Metairie Rd. between Causeway and Severn.

For the Prom

Photo: Former location of Sandy's Tuxedo

Many Raiders rented tuxes from New Orleans Tuxedos ("Headquarters for Students Tuxedo Rentals...Meet Mr. Tuxedo!...RICHIE BOUDREAUX, former Tulane Football Gridder, offers Complete Rentals and Sales of Men's Formal Wear") at 3562 South Carrollton Ave. -- now it's a Bridgestone Tire location.  Sandy's Tuxedo Rental at 603 Metairie Road was squeezed between the old Metairie Hardware (now a Quiznos, Hemline, Martial Arts school, etc.) and the Metry Cafe. 

If you lived near Rummel a corsage for your prom date could be ordered from Flowers by Finnin (later Claire's Florist, now MGM Hair Designers) at 3101 Metairie Road.   In Old Jefferson there was Eble the Florist ("Corsages and Flowers are Proper for Every Occasion") on Jefferson Hwy. between Gelpi and Julius streets.  Kids in the newer suburbs placed an order at Flowers by Russell ("The Unusual in Floral Designing") at 5026 Veterans or the Nosegay Florist at 3314 Transcontinental ("1/2 Block Off Veterans Highway").

Both in what are now residential neighborhoods, Hyder Orchids ("Orchids Corsages for All Occasions") at 305 North Woodlawn and E.L. Rocquin Florist & Greenhouses, Inc. ("We Grow Orchids") at 928 Homestead appeared in the '69 yearbook.  Rocquin's location is now a vacant lot.  Hyder's currently operates as Daniel's Orchids.

Local bands advertising in the '69 yearbook include Glory Rhodes and Soul Merchants.


Photo: Maison Blanche Airline

Moffatt Brothers Hardware located at 5240 Vets. Hwy. is now a Helm Paint & Supply store. Costumes could be found at Jefferson Variety Store and Metairie Fabrics at 501 Met. Rd. (Now Calico Corners).  And of course, Maison Blanche ran an ad..."It's the Greatest -- Store South!"

Lakeside Rexall Drugs was at 2311 Veterans at Metairie Court.  Patio Rexall Drugs at Veterans and Kent St, offered "Free Pick-Up And Delivery...Open 360 Days 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. -- it's still there.  Medical Arts Phamacy was at 3439 Met. Rd. at Severn.  It is now Conquering Word Ministries.

Photo: Do Drive-In sign

Prosperous Raiders could buy new wheels at Metairie Rambler (801 Metairie Road in front of the Do Drive-in, now the Old Metairie Village Shopping Center), from Dick Bohn Ford (1900 Franklin Street in Gretna), or Star Chrysler Imperial ("Worlds Largest Chrysler Dealer") at Canal and N. Miro.  It is now a vacant lot.

Ernst Food Mart, Inc at 211 Veterans ("Where Shopping is A Pleasure; Savings A Reality") would later be swallowed by the Heritage Plaza shopping center near the Orleans Parish line.  Out in Kenner, Charles Chips ("A Better Name for A Better Chip"..."A Better Name for a Better Pretzel") was at 1303 Third Street.  It is now a vacant lot.  Rainbow Pickles ran an ad, too, in the 1969 yearbook.
Food and Entertainment

Photo: Frostop

At 3501 Veterans. was Ted's Frostop Drive-in.  Now a cold beer can be had in Lager's at this location.  Holiday Drive-in at 2800 N. Causeway near the Interstate offered broasted chicken and other treats -- the building with the tall A-frame front is still there but now abandoned. Mighty Giant Burgers was located at West Esplanade and Transcontinental Drive.

Nancy's Steak House "Specializing in Western Beef" was at 4808 Jefferson Hwy near the Huey P. Long bridge.  It is now the Oriental Triangle Restaurant.  At 110 "Nawt Broad" was Chris' Steak House "Serving Prime Steaks Exclusively".  This was the original Ruth's Chris which has been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina.  What was in 1969 The Forest Steak House and Cocktail Lounge at 3633 Veterans is now Ruth's Chris.  At 3904 Vets. what was the Sherwood Forest Steak House is now a jewelry store.  Aucoin-Hart Jewelers was and still remains at 1525 Metairie Road.  

Photo: The now defunct Arrow and Champagne Rooms

The defunct John-Charles Restaurant (2300 Airline Hwy.) offered "Family Dining Room, Banquet and Reception Room", not to be confused with  John Paul Caterers on Daniels St. at Airline Hwy. near the Airport which advertised "Wedding and Party Catering".  The Arrow and Champagne Rooms on Jefferson Highway are also gone as is the Frostop which spun its giant mug for the last time last year.   Martin Bros. Restaurant was still open at I-10--Chef Highway at Dowman Road in 1969, offering "EXCELLENT CUISINE PRICED SENSIBLY.

On the location of the Kenner Triangle Lanes at 2300 Veterans ("Margie Raffo, Manager") is now an Extended Stayamerica hotel.  Paradise Lanes, "Where Bowling is Fun", was at 3717 Veterans -- it is now Barnes and Noble book store.  Colonial Lanes on Jefferson Hwy. in Harahan is still open for your bowling pleasure.  Not far down the highway, Gold Crown Amusement Center offered "Pocket Billiards Deluxe...Bar and Lounge...Free Parking...Ladies Welcome".

The Lakeside Theatre ("Greater New Orleans Luxury Cinema") at 3526 Vets. was originally a church, long ago demolished -- an Office Max took its place.  The Sena Mall theater (Veterans at Elmeer) is now Martin Wine Cellar.

Photo: Former location of Charlie's New York Delicatessen on Metairie Road

Charlie's New York Delicatessen was at 2023 Metairie Road.  It is now the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant.  Nearer to Rummel was Dana's Lounge at 3224 Metairie Road -- later called McGuire's Pub, now Kool Kats lounge. 

Turan's Seafood in Bucktown was at 101 Hammond Hwy. at Orpheum in Bucktown.  This later became Two Tony's restaurant. Deanie's Sea Foods had two Bucktown locations in 1969: 1829 Orpheum Avenue (across the street from Sid-Mars which was at 1824 Orpheum) and 200 Hammond Hwy. at Lake Avenue -- now Live Bait.

Maggie & Smitty's Crabnett was still in West End as was Fontana's Seafood Restaurant (Ray Gratia, Manager).  Swanson's ("One of New Orleans Oldest and Best Known Seafood Restaurants", Vincent Aiavolasiti, Owner") placed a large ad in the 1969 volume of The Raider.


Photo: Town and Country Hotel

Home Sweet Home Motel ("air conditioned...television") placed an advertisement in our high school yearbook as did the Keystone Motel, La Bella Motel (3231 Jefferson Hwy. across from St. Agnes), and the Tamanaca Downtown Motel on Tulane Ave. At 1221 Airline, Carlos Marcello owned and kept an office at the Town and Country Restaurant/Town and Country Hotel.  It has been demolished and developed into the high-dollar gated Metairie Club Estate subdivision.

Photo: Genarro's Bar & Restaurant

As of the end of the 1969 school year Pat's Bar #3 "is open to the public at 8001 Shirley Street and would appreciate your business, when you are in the neighborhood".  Other drinking establishments which advertised in this edition of the Raider was Tab's Lounge and Grill at 1200 Jefferson Highway, Gennaro's Bar & Restaurant ("Bill and Nette Dwyer, Props.") at 3206 Metairie Road,  Old Hickory Bar & Restaurant (6231 Jefferson Hwy "on the bend" in Harahan) which is still there, and Herbie's Lounge on Williams Blvd. near 21st. Street.  

Photo: JC Restaurant and Lounge

JC Restaurant and Lounge ("Truly Metairie's Finest") at 601 Veterans Highway was later a Ralph and Kacoo's, now a King Buffet.  Tranchina's Inn at 1002 N. Arnoult Rd. advertised in the 1969 yearbook but within a few years it would become the very popular and heavily frequented Freddie's Bar (now a Discount Zone).  Tiny and Blackie are fondly missed.

Brother Charles Klein, F.S.C. served as the Principal.  Enrollment had risen to 1280 students. Fund drives during the school year included raising money for air-conditioning the cafeteria and to build a running track.

The 1969 Raider yearbook, with the theme "Dialogue", was dedicated to Brother John Fairfax..."It is with great sorrow and regret that we learned of the resignation of Brother John Fairfax as Assistant Principal".  Thomas Schwaner would hold that position during the 1969-70 school year while Brother John remained a member of the faculty. 

Student Government

Student Council
Charles LeCompte, President; Gary Silva, Vice President; Ronald Vega, Treasurer; Thomas Brenan, Secretary, Brother John Fairfax, Moderator

Senior Class President, Robert Dugas

John Blancher, Kevin Boudreau, Robert Dugas, Chris Fabacher, Steve Ladieu, John Lee, Raymond Meyer, Chris Lartigue,  Pat McCrossen, Sidney Perret, Mike Rappold, Robert Whitman


Beverly Perron was the Queen of the Homecoming Court.  The court included Chris Ducote (Maid of Honor), Former Queen Paula Petavino, Ava Arsaga, Robin Bland, Thomas Brenan, Dennis Ducote, Gayle Favret, Jane Fitzmorris, Susan Forestier, John Foster, Bruce Guidry, Janell Kenning, Paul Koppens,  Carol Loker, Debbie Naquin, Guy Olano, Chunky Olivier, Steve Sanders,  Gary Schexnaildre, Richard Tomeny, Jan Weinstein, and Charles Zimmerman.  Alumni Pete Oddo ('66) escorted Ms. Perron to the homecoming game. 

The Senior Prom was held on May 17 at the Jung Hotel Tulane Room. 
A yearbook photo shows couples dancing to the tunes of The Basement Wall while wearing Hawaiian leis, having dined beforehand at the Bali Hai at Pontchartrain Beach. 

The Junior-Senior Prom was was also held at the Tulane Room of the Jung Hotel at 1500 Canal Street where Shane Martin and Noah's Wax Battleship provided the music which included "Let's Spend the Night Together".

The Class of '69 visited the Statue of Liberty and Mama Leone's restaurant in New York City
as well as the Smithsonian Institute, Arlington National Cemetery, and the National Shrine in Washington, D.C. during their Senior Trip.

The Baccalaureate Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Philip Hannan at St. Joseph's church on Tulane Avenue with breakfast following at the Jung Hotel. The Commencement ceremony was held at the New Orleans Municipal Auditorium with Valedictorian Michael Carrico and Salutatorian Michael Murphy leading their class of two hundred eighty seniors.  Gary Silva was presented with the St. La Salle Award.  Robert Dugas was honored with the American Legion Award.

Clubs and Organizations

Apostolic Activities Association
Michael Fitzgerald, Wayne Hano, Ralph Lousteau, Jerry Spansel, Michael Thompson, Peter Tripp (who would become a Christian Brother and Rummel High School principal), Stephen Trosclair, Moderator: Brother Joseph Rosolino

Big Brothers
Gary Arsaga, Robert Barocco, Bobby Benson, Kevin Boudreau, Mike Carrico, Randy Beckham, Steve Delacroix, Bert Ernst, Bobby Hogan, Paul Koppens, John Lee, Charles LeCompte, Rickey Leveque, Mike Murphy, Guy Olano, Sidney Perret, Mike Rappold, Paul Rouillier, Gary Silva, Billy Surcoff, Joey Tamporello,  Mike Thompson, Ronnie Vega, Steve Waguespack, Bobby Whitman

Captains: Susan Forestier, Cliff Mercier
Patti Baumy, Kevin Boudreau, Debbie Cross, Gary Silva, Tony Jaeger, Ricky Levique, Patty McCain, Ramsey Perron, Pattie Revon
(among others).

Raider Band
Drum Major: Kenny Olson
The Marching Band, accompanied by the Archbishop Chapelle High School Chapellettes, won the 1968 New Orleans Deep South AAA Championship competition.
Moderator: Maurice Varnado

The Debate Team won the third place position in the Northeast State Tournament. 
Russsel Arsaga, Tim Bollhalter,  Michael Carrico, Edward Chatelain, Steve Delacroix, Lloyd Frazer,  Wayne Junod, John Lee, Michael Little, Dennis O'Hearn 
Moderater: Paul Martinez

Raider's Digest Student Newspaper
Michael Carrico, Editor-in-chief; Steve Waquespack, Sports Editor, Steve Delacroix, Campus Editor; Sidney Boudreau, Business Manager; Randy Green, Assistant Business Manager
Cary Arsaga, Robert Bensen, Michael Carrico, Cary Deaton, Richard Ducote, Dennis Elsler, David Greene, Ralph Lousteau, Sidney Perret, Micheal Rappold, Gregg Rock, Steve Rose, Eddie Schmidt, Brian Verigan, George Wagner

French Club
Michael Breaux, Dennis Coughlin, Richard Gratia, Joseph Guilbeau, James Kempski, Paul Lind, Bruce Martin, Charles Major, Thomas McCoy, Henry Mock, David Mutter, Harold Novellino, Ernest Parfait, Brent Rome, Michael Seybold, Richard White, Moderator: Brother Victor Bodin

The Genesian Players presented Teahouse of the August Moon, Little Moon of Alban, and
the very contemporary Montage of Time.
Moderator: Mr. Charles Guajardo

Key Club
John Lee, President; Wayne Lee, Vice President; Dwight Theall, Treasurer;
Chris Lartigue, Corresponding Secretary; Ricky Anguzza, Recording Secretary
Russell Arsaga, Ted Barkerding, Ronald Bertucci, Bill Bligh, Glenn Brenckle, Richard Ducote, Randy Green, Jerry Johnson, Charles LeCompte, Wayne Lee, Glenn Leingang,  Danny Martiny, Andy Nunmaker, Sidney Perret, Gary Silver, Ronald Vega, George Wagner, Ray Wagner

Latin Club
Ricky Anguzza, Bill Burke, Mike Carrico, Gary Deaton, John Flores, David Green, Chris Lartigue, John Lee, Wayne Lee, Mike Leumas, Roman Peisinger,  Kevin Radecker, Dwight Theall

Library Club
Richard Breaux, Roy Dodson, Lloyd Gianellone, Wayne Lee, Wilson Nettleton, Ernest Parfait,  Andy Nunmaker, Conrad Rein

Mu Alpha Theta
Members competed at the State Convention held at L.S.U.N.O. (now the University of New Orleans).
Cary Arsaga, Russell Arsaga, Ronald Bertucci, Robert Benson, William Bligh, Tim Bollhalter, Wallace Bradford, Ricky Burke, Mike Carrico, Ray Clement, Ben Eble, Alan Eschette, Michael Fitzgerald, Randy Green, Rolland Gravois, Glenn Guidry, Ken Hava, Ralph Hood, John Lee, Ralph Lousteau, Barry Matrana, Mike Murphy, Sidney Perett,  Michael Rappold, Peter Reed, Gregg Rock, Michael Rolland, Steve Rose, Paul Rouillier, James Smith, Raymond St. Pierre, Steve Trosclair, George Wagner, Ray Wagner, Moderator: Brother Joseph Rosolino

National Honor Society
Russell Arsaga, Mike Carrico, Robert Benson, Wallace Bradford, Ray Clement, Steve Delacroix, Charles LeCompte, John Lee, Michael Murphy, Warren Puneky, Peter Reed, Paul Rouillier,  Ronnie Vega, Ray Wagner, Robert Whitman

Raider Yearbook Staff
Editors-in-chief:  Paul Rouillier, Ray Gratia, Mike Murphy
Danny Bourgeois, Bill Bligh, Gary Chatelain, Ray Gratia, David Green, Randy Green, Al Keller, Eddie Kennedy, Ralph Lousteau, Terry Manning, Dalton Masson, Ross Mulhausen, Mike Murphy, Walter Prevost, John Robles, Paul Rouillier, Parker Seward, Merlin Schenck, Fred Smith, Tim VanHoven, Louis Vaz,
Moderator: Brother Anthony Clement

Science Club
Lloyd Arbo,  Stephen Blanchard, Dwight Bradbury, John Callihan, Edward Downey, Lloyd Gianellonia, Dave Harstson, Ralph Hood, Shep Hunter, George Izquierdo, Ralph Lousteau, Bruce Martin,  Jerry Maxwell,Harry Novellino, Walter Prevost, Louis Young

Spanish Club
Lloyd Arbo, Dwight Bradbury, John Courouleau, Douglas Dodd,Tom Dowie, Philip Englert, Chris Fabacher, David Hartson, Keith Haydel, Shep Hunter, Paul Hymel, John Maggiore, Ralph Manguno, Leon Mathes,  John Monguillot, Dan Muhs, Charles Singer, Stanley Weber, Moderator: Dr. Isaac Casariego


Paul Koppens received the Rufus Raider Outstanding Athlete Award of 1969 from Rufus Cressend.

Record: 10-6
Most Valuable Player: Paul Koppens
All-District Players: Thomas "Tubby" Brenan, catcher and Kirk Koppens, pitcher
John Blancher, Steve Bono, Bob Borocco, Tommy Brenan, John Foster,  Kirk Koppens, Paul Koppens, John La Grange, Joe Lassalle, Bryan Martiny, Gary Mutter, Mike Quigley, Steve Sanders, Gary Silva, L.J. Stromeyer, Bill Surcouff, Joe Tamporello, Bob Whitman, David Zeringue, Managers: Gary Breaux, Steve Dilto, Coach: Thomas Schwaner

The Raider Basketball team ended the year with a 16-15 record under Coach Bill Authurs.  The team placed first in the South Terrebonne Tournament.
Most Valuable Player, Bobby Whitman
Captain: Rick Revon
Cary Arsaga, Steve Bono, Robert Dugas, Burt Ernest, Cyril Gacianette, Ray Guqua, Norman Hodgins, Kirt Koppens, Sidney Perret, Mike Quigley, Rickey Revon, Gary Silva, Melvin Vollenweider, Bobby Whitman, David Zeringue,
Managers: Scot Brady, Walt Kenning

Tommy Barrios, Mark Benson, Jerry Brown, Vince Campanella, Eddie Cortez, Ed Ernewein, Mike Gerard, Lloyd Gianelloni,  Randy Green, Dickie Haffner, Mike Haffner, Skippy Magas, Bruce Martin,  Bob McCrary, Gregg Rock, Steve Rock, Ken Stockfleth, Mel Stockfleth, Martin Summers, Dwight Theall, Buddy Voelkel

The Varsity football record was 6-3-1 with the Raiders outscoring their opponents by 20 points throughout the season.
Captains: John Foster, Tom Brenan, and Chunky Olivier
Dan Albert, Lyold Arbo, John Borelli,  John Breeden, Rock Brenan, Buddy Brignac, Brophy Boudreaux, Dan Boudreaux, Sidney Boudreaux, Philip Bougdre, Charles Chartier, Tod Cobena, Gary Daigle, Jerry Dessauer, Dennis Dugas, Kelly Encores, Richard Fahr, Rob Foulon, John Gavin, Bruce Guidry, Lige Hensley, Norman Hodgins, Lester Kennedy, Paul Koppens, Wayne Lockhart, Tom Machado, John Maggiore, Roger Meunier, Mike Murphy, David Nicoll, Gary Pendergast,  Justin Quigley, Dave Russo, Mike Russo, Ashley Schexnaildre, Gary Schexnaildre, Martin Summers, Rich Tomeny, Charles Townsend, Doug Tozel, Ernest Ulmer,  Bob Weid, Charles Zimmerman, Tom Zimmerman,
Coaches: Joe Galliano, Wester Perret, Ronald Doyle. This would be Coach Galliano's last year at Rummel.

Danny Cefalu, Kevin Hodges, Tony Jaeger, Robert Martiny, Ricky Russell, Mike Wagner

Alex Arostequi, Melvin Berthelot, Billy Bayard, Tom Fabacher, Roger Hunt, Kenny Kempf, Calvin Klotz, Ralph Manguno, Sam Martinez, Ricky Mayeaux, Donald Melancon, Joe Muth, Emile Nagel, Mike Norman, Harry Perret, Stephen Rock, Randy Roth, Gary Reynolds, Donald Schrieber, Bill Watson, Coach: Brother Alphonse LeBlanc

Captains: Bobby Meyer, George Newport
Neil Arsaga, Pat Connell, Richard Daniels, Mike David, David Deloach, Bill Dufilho, John Garic, Roger Hunt, Steve Lanier, Craig Naccari, Mitchell Nodier, Walter Robicheaux, Mark Robicheaux, Phil Severson,
Manager: Author Couvillion, Coach: Bruce Naccari

Jim Barris, Mike Fitzgerald, Billy Fraught,  David Green, Robert Guidry, Ramsey Landry, Paul Lind, Joe Pardo, Fred Smith, Guy Villavaso, Ricky Villavaso    

Awards: Most Valuable Player of 1969, John Fogle
Brother Martin Track Invitational -- Norman Hodgins, First Place high hurdle;
Christian Brothers Meet, Jonathon Fogle, First Place, 440 yard dash and Norman Hodgins, Most Valuable Player; St, Paul's Invitational, mile relay team -- Norman Hodgins, Richard Fahr, Ronnie Thibodeaux, Jonathon Fogle-- First place; District Meet, Ashley Schexnaildre, First Place high jump
Captains: John Foster, Jonathon Fogle, Burt Ernst
Bill Bligh, Greg Brennan, John Breeden, Tod Cobena, Dennis Dugas, Richard Fahr, Lige Hensley, Norman Hodgins, Lester Kennedy, Roger Meunier, Richard Owens, Jerry Petrie, Terry Petrie, Ashley Schexnaildre, Gary Schexnaildre, Danny Schleismann,  Jessie Stephenson, Raymond St. Pierre, Ronnie Thibodeaux, David Young, Managers: Mike Breaux, Bob Hicky, Chris Webb, Coach: Ronald Doyle