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2002 -- Tree of Necklaces, Jean-Michel Othoniel
--- The 1970's ---
1970's -- Robert Indiana, LOVE, Red Blue
1979 -- Three Figures and Four Benches, George Segal
1975 -- Reclining Mother and Child, Henry Moore
1973 -- Four Lines Oblique, George Rickey
1971 -- Una Battaglia, Arnaldo Pomodoro
1979-80 -- Two Sitting Figures, Lynn Chadwick
--- The 1960's ---
1967 -- The Labors of Alexander, René Magritte
1965 -- River Form, Barbara Hepworth
--- The 1990's ---
1999 -- Claes Oldenburg, Safety Pin
1999 -- Restrained (Horse), Deborah Butterfield
1995 -- Spider, Louise Bourgeois
1991 -- Joel Shapiro, Untitled
--- The 1980's ---
1989 -- Rebus 3D-89-3, Ida Kohlmeyer
1987 -- Standing Man With Outstretched Arms, Stephen De Staebler
1983 -- Pablo Casals Obelisk, Arman
1949-57 -- Sacrifice III, Jacques Lipchitz
Ossip Zadkine, La Poetesse
Week 8 -- Hyams Fountain, 1921
Quick Review -- Weeks 1 -- 7
Week 9
Week 10 -- McFadden House -- 1920
Week 11 -- Reggie Bush Stadium
Week 11 -- Enrique Alferez -- City Park
Week 11 -- Enrique Alferez -- Fountain of the Winds
Week 12 -- Enrique Alferez -- Shushan Airport
Week 12 -- Enrique Alferez - marble chip and granite cast -- Molly Marine
Week 12 -- Story Land
Week 12 -- Blaine Kern -- Papier-mâché -- Mardi Gras Floats
Week 13 -- Hines Carousel -- Carved Wood
Week 13 -- New Orleans Museum of Art
Week 14 -- WPA in New Orleans
Week 15 -- Ida Kohlmeyer
Week 16 -- Review
Week 17 -- More Enrique Alfarez
Clark Mills -- Bronze Sculpture -- Andrew Jackson
Emmanuel Fremiet -- Joan of Arc
1897 - John McDonogh
Alexander Doyle - Margaret Haughery
Alexander Doyle -- Robert E. Lee
P.G.T. Beauregard
1860 - Henry Clay
Vietnam Veterans Monument
Louis Armstrong
Korean War Memorial
1910 - Jefferson Davis
1872 - Benjamin Franklin
1957 - Simon Boliva
World War II
World War I
Lin Emery
Woldenberg Park
Clarence John Laughlin
John Churchill Chase -- The Rummel Raider
André Breton -- Surrealist
Chalmette Monument
Liberty Monument
Arthur Q. Davis -- The Super Dome
1909 -- Antoine Bourdelle, Hercules the Archer
Wrought ironwork
Caroline Wogan Durieux
Daniel French -- Copper & Bronze -- The Ladies
Edgar Degas
Audubon Park
Abstract Expressionism
Art Nouveau (1880's -- 1920's)
Arts and Crafts Movement (1910 -- 1925)
Art Deco (1910 until 1939)
Baroque period
Contemporary Art
Figurative Style
German Expressionism
Kinetic Sculpture
Mobile (sculpture)
Modern Art
Murano glass
Negative space
New Deal
Nouveau Realism
Pop Art
WPA [Works Progress Administration]
Curruiculm Objectives/Suggested Activities
Bibliography and Suggested Reading
Church Statues
Smithsonian Art Inventories Catalog (New Orleans)



Modern Art Events


United States


1880: Rodin receives a commission for the Gates of Hell.

1881: Pablo Picasso born in Málaga, Spain.

1885 Louis Pasteur successfully tests an anti-rabies vaccine

1888 Van Gogh cuts off left ear

1889 Eiffel Tower opens commemorating the French Revolution

1880 Thomas Edison patents the electric incandescent lamp

1883 Brooklyn Bridge completed

1890 Battle of Wounded Knee occurs, the last major battle between Native Americans and the US


1905 Fauve exhibition opens

1907 Picasso, Braque, Matisse and other artists discover the power of African art, Picasso and Braque develop Cubism.

1907 Alfred Stieglitz’s Gallery 291 exhibits many European avant-garde artists.

1900 Freud publishes The

Interpretation of Dreams.

1901 Peace of Peking ends Boxer Rebellion in China

1902 Marie and Pierre Curie isolate radioactive element radium

1901 Pres. William McKinley assassinated

1903 Wright Brothers make first flight at Kittyhawk

1908 Henry Ford introduces Model T

1909 Indianapolis 500 race track opens


1911 Der Blaue Reiter group form in Munich

1913 Duchamp makes his first “ready-made” in Paris.

1912 Titanic sinks off the coast of Newfoundland

1914 Archduke Ferdinand of Austria and wife assassinated in Sarajevo, beginning of WWI

1914 World War I begins

1917 US declares war on Germany in WWI

1929 U.S. women win the right to vote.



1913 The Armory Show opens exhibiting a substantial collection of modern art to America.

1916 The Dada art movement is created in Zurich, Switzerland.

1914 Panama Canal officially opens

1917 Russian Revolution

1920 League of Nations holds its first meeting in Geneva


1924 Breton publishes his first Surrealist manifesto in Paris

1928 Buñuel and Dalí produce the film Un Chien Andalou

1928 First complete talking film created

1922 Mussolini takes power in Italy.

1925 Hitler publishes Mein Kampf

1928 Alexander Fleming discovers


1927 Charles A. Lindberg completes the first solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic

1928 Amelia Earhart becomes first woman to fly across the Atlantic

1929 Stock Market crashes/ Great Depression begins


1931 The first big Surrealist exhibition is shown in the United State.

1935 WPA, formed under Roosevelt’s New Deal, employs artists to decorate public buildings and parks

1937 Picasso paints Guernica, a reaction to the Spanish Civil War

1936 Spanish Civil War

1937 George VI crowned King of England

1936 Hitler sends troops to Rhineland

1938 Kristallnacht -- Nazis destroy Jewish synagogues throughout Germany and Austria

1931 Empire State Building opens

1933 FDR inaugurated as 32nd President, prohibition ends

1936 Jesse Owens sets a new long jump record of 26’8”

1939 Al Capone freed from Alcatraz prison


1943 Chiang Kai-Shek becomes

1941 Japan bombs Pearl Harbor,



1941 Breton and Ernst emigrate to the United States

1946 Jackson Pollock takes the canvas off the easel and onto the floor creating his all over “drip” paintings.

President of China

1944 US and Allied forces land at Normandy

1945 Yalta Conference takes place with Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin

1950 - 53 Korean War

Hawaii; US declares war on Germany and Italy in WWII

1945 30,000 US Marines land on Iwo Jima, Atomic bomb developed

1947 Jackie Robinson becomes the first black to play major league baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers


1959 F. L Wright completes the construction of the Guggenheim Museum in New York

1953 Scientists identify DNA

1956 The Italian liner Andrea Doria sinks after colliding with the Stockholm

1959 Fidel Castro proclaims himself premier after overthrowing Batista

1953 Dr. Salk develops the polio vaccine

1955 Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to move to the back of the bus

1957 School desegregation law established by Brown v Board of Education


Minimalists working in New York.

Pop artists turn to popular culture for artistic inspiration

1967 Magritte dies before seeing his completed sculptures.

1970 Robert Smithson creates Spiral Jetty, an environmental artwork on

1961 1,400 Cuban exiles land in Bay of Pigs in an attempt to overthrow Castro

1961 Construction of the Berlin Wall begins in East Germany

1964 South Africa banned from Olympic Games because of

1963 Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers “I have a dream...” speech at Lincoln Memorial

1963 Pres. J. F. Kennedy assassinated in Dallas

1967 Thurgood Marshall, first black Supreme Court Justice sworn in



the Great Salt Lake.

Apartheid policies

1964 - 75 Vietnam War

1969 Neil Armstrong makes first step on the moon


1972 J. Utzon completes the construction of the Sydney Opera House

1974-79 Judy Chicago creates The Dinner Party, the first large scale collaborative feminist work of art.

1975 - 80 Piazza d’Italia constructed in New Orleans, heralding postmodernism.

1971 China joins the United


1979 Margaret Thatcher becomes

first female British Prime Minister

1979 Mother Teresa awarded Nobel Peace Prize

1974 Richard Nixon resigns from presidency; Gerald Ford becomes 38th President

1977 Apple II, the first personal computer, goes on sale

1980 John Lennon shot and killed in NYC


1989-1992 Controversial works by Andres Serrano, Robert Mapplethorpe and others raise First Amendment issues of censorship in the U.S.

1993 NOMA reopens after a large expansion project, Spiritgates are installed shortly after the opening

2003 Bestoff Sculpture Garden opens in City Park

1981 Prince Charles of England weds Lady Diana Spencer

1990 The Berlin Wall comes down

1992 Soviet Union dissolved

1994 Church of England approved ordaining women as priests

1982 Vietnam War Memorial dedicated in Washington D.C.

1984 AIDS virus is identified

1986 Space Shuttle Challenger 10 explodes 73 seconds after lift-off

1991 Gulf War Ends


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