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Week 13 -- New Orleans Museum of Art

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2002 -- Tree of Necklaces, Jean-Michel Othoniel
--- The 1970's ---
1970's -- Robert Indiana, LOVE, Red Blue
1979 -- Three Figures and Four Benches, George Segal
1975 -- Reclining Mother and Child, Henry Moore
1973 -- Four Lines Oblique, George Rickey
1971 -- Una Battaglia, Arnaldo Pomodoro
1979-80 -- Two Sitting Figures, Lynn Chadwick
--- The 1960's ---
1967 -- The Labors of Alexander, René Magritte
1965 -- River Form, Barbara Hepworth
--- The 1990's ---
1999 -- Claes Oldenburg, Safety Pin
1999 -- Restrained (Horse), Deborah Butterfield
1995 -- Spider, Louise Bourgeois
1991 -- Joel Shapiro, Untitled
--- The 1980's ---
1989 -- Rebus 3D-89-3, Ida Kohlmeyer
1987 -- Standing Man With Outstretched Arms, Stephen De Staebler
1983 -- Pablo Casals Obelisk, Arman
1949-57 -- Sacrifice III, Jacques Lipchitz
Ossip Zadkine, La Poetesse
Week 8 -- Hyams Fountain, 1921
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Week 10 -- McFadden House -- 1920
Week 11 -- Reggie Bush Stadium
Week 11 -- Enrique Alferez -- City Park
Week 11 -- Enrique Alferez -- Fountain of the Winds
Week 12 -- Enrique Alferez -- Shushan Airport
Week 12 -- Enrique Alferez - marble chip and granite cast -- Molly Marine
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Week 12 -- Blaine Kern -- Papier-mâché -- Mardi Gras Floats
Week 13 -- Hines Carousel -- Carved Wood
Week 13 -- New Orleans Museum of Art
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Week 17 -- More Enrique Alfarez
Clark Mills -- Bronze Sculpture -- Andrew Jackson
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Alexander Doyle -- Robert E. Lee
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John Churchill Chase -- The Rummel Raider
André Breton -- Surrealist
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1909 -- Antoine Bourdelle, Hercules the Archer
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New Orleans Museum of Art

Interior View

In 1911, the Isaac Delgado Museum of Art (currently known as the New Orleans Museum of Art) opened in City Park.

Photograph of Isaac Delgado.

Isaac Delgado was born in 1839 in Kingston, Jamaica and arrived in New Orleans when he was 14 years old to live with his aunt and uncle in the Garden District.

He worked for his uncle's sugar business and became a charter member of the Louisiana Sugar Exchange.

Louisiana Sugar Exchange

Delgado was a member of the exclusive the Boston Club, the Chess Checkers and Whist Club, and the Opera House Association.

The Boston Club

Chess Checkers and Whist Club

New Orleans Opera House

Delgado died in 1912. He willed his plantation, Albania, and nearly $1 million for a trade school for young men. Delgado also contributed to Charity Hospital, the Eye, Ear and Nose Hospital and to the New Orleans Convalescent Home.

Delgado Tomb in Metairie Cemetery

Tombstone of Isaac Delgado and family

Original Charity Hospital in New Orleans

Art Deco style "new" Charity Hospital

Delgado also donated funds to establish a manual trades school for boys in 1909. It opened in 1921 and is now called Delgado Community College.

Delgado Trades School, 1920's

Close up of Entrance

One more view

Isaac Delgado also offered the city $150,000 to build a "temple of art for rich and poor alike".

When the neo-classical, Beaux Arts-style museum opened in December 1911, Delgado was too ill to attend. He died weeks later, and left his art collection which had been gathered by his late aunt.

Interior View, 1930's

The original building encompasses 25,000-square-feet but new wings have been added through the years.

The Museum houses a $200 million collection in 46 galleries: European painting and sculpture from the 16th through 20th centuries; American painting and sculpture from the 18th and 19th centuries; European and American prints and drawings; Asian, African, Oceanic, Pre-Columbian, and Native American art; photography; and European and American decorative arts. Special collections include the Peter Carl Fabergé treasures and the Latin American Colonial collection.

Another 1930's view

The Museum ranks among the top 25% of the nation's largest and most significant museums.

The world class Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden contains 50 modern and contemporary pieces on five acres of land adjacent to the museum.


New Orleans Museum of Art

The original museum (in the Beaux-Arts style) was designed by New Orleans architect Julius Koch.

Link to Julius Koch photograph.

More about:

Beaux-Arts architecture

Examples of Beaux-Arts architecture in New Orleans:

Ritz Carlton on Canal Street.

Kress Building on Canal St.

International House Hotel (New Orleans)

Federal Court House (New Orleans)

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