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Week 13 -- Hines Carousel -- Carved Wood

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Week 13 -- Hines Carousel -- Carved Wood
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Carved Wood

Exterior View 1

Since 1906 children and adults have enjoyed the "flying horses" of City Park's antique carousel.

and another

The carousel, featuring the masterwork of famed carousel carvers Looff and Carmel, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Exterior View

City Park attracts 11 million visitors annually. The carousel features 54 hand-carved, colorful animals.

Close Up

Charles Looff

Charles Looff is considered to be one of the best (and one of the first) carousel carvers in history.

The first carousel he carved was in Coney Island, New York and included 27 figures, including horses, camels, zebras, and other animals.

By 1880, Looff had produced three carousels and established a factory in Brooklyn where he would build carousels for about 25 years.

During his lifetime he completed carvings for about 40 carousels.

Many carousel carvers learned their skills carving for Looff.

Looff had many style changes over the years and it is interesting to speculate on which of these carvers may have caused the changes. It is more likely that Looff kept a close eye on his competition and carved more and more elaborate horses to outdo the other carvers.

This progression in styles can be seen by comparing his early style, as seen at Seaport Village in San Diego, California, the mixed era carousel at Crescent Park, Rhode Island, and the spectacular and very popular late-style Looff carousel operating in downtown Spokane, Washington.

Seaport Village Horse

Another Seaport Village Horse

Crescent Park, Rhode Island Carousel

Spokane Carousel

Another View of the New Orleans Flying Horses

Charles Carmel

Charles Carmel carved for Charles Looff before he went out on his own.

Carmel carousel animals are highly decorated and noticeable Carmel traits include:

elaborate "fish scale" blankets
armored horses
the lolling tongue on many of his horses

Carmel's style is difficult to describe as he seems to have adopted traits from all the other carvers.

Carmel carousels still exist in Rye, New York, Elysburg, Pennsylvania, and in our own City Park.

Derby Racers at Playland (Rye, New York) which move vertically and horizontally

Many more photographs of the Playland Derby Racers

The Grand Carousel, ,Knoebels Grove, Elysburg, Pennsylvania

Close up Interior of our Hines Carousel

It is one of only 100 antique wooden carousels in the country and the last one in Louisiana.

Flying Horses

12-sided, domed building in the William A. Hines Carousel Gardens.

Exterior View at Night

Vounteers of America worker restoring a "flying horse" after the Katrina flood.

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