New Orleans in the Last Century ~~ 1910

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Research in an attempt to connect what was with what is in the city of New Orleans in recognition that our heritage is not only rich but alive.  Much of what you'll see and read about in this book still remains.  And that is what makes New Orleans a unique place where the past and the present are one.

The average life expectancy in New Orleans was 48.5 years.  
Mafia/Black Hand
Locke anti-racing law prohibited any form of race track gambling, which of course, did not  insure that it did not occur in or around the city.

The agricultural economy was shifting from cotton to sugar cane after massive boll weevil destruction.

"Moving Picture Theaters" were first established in New Orleans in 1910. (check on Trianon, the Tudor, the Strand, the Globe, and the Palace)

Find in the bee – Orpheum gizmo

In 1896, Vitascope Hall, believed to be the first theater in the U.S. devoted to showing movies, opened in New Orleans.

There were 139 newspapers published at least partly in French in Louisiana between 1790 and 1910.

Fabacher's Restaurant

Autocrat Spices


Ads - Bee

Soule' College

Jackson Brewing Co - "Pure Food Beer"

Whitney-Central National Bank

N.O. National Bank

German-America National Bank

Canal-Louisiana Bank & Trust

Hostetter's Stomach Bitters

People's Bank & Trust Co.

Cusach's Lt. Baronne & Canl Pharmacy