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July 29, 2006

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The New Orleans Savant
By Mr. Lake

What can one begin with the following letters: LAK, UPT, CAR, MID, CEN, GAR, FRE, GEN, BYW, NIN, LOW, ALG, NOE, VIL, VEN?
     ---CopCop, 9th Ward
The answer appears at the end of this week's column.

Why do dogs howl when truck floats blow their horns?
---Alert Reader, Metry

Well, when I hear a truck float horn nearby, I'd like to howl, too! Instead, I run down the street and catch up with the parade even though the decibel level is above the damage threshold. Dogs, however, don't complain. In fact, truck float horns inspire them to howl as though they were in the wild and communicating with other dogs. Puppies in particular, love to howl. Ask any sleep-deprived new owner on Ash Wednesday!

OK, here's a tough one.  When you buy an appliance, how do you arrange for delivery?  And if you don't have someone waiting at your house when it arrives, how long can you expect it to sit outside before the looters pick it up?
     ---Rita, Best Bank

Ach, Who do you think I am, Ray Nagin?  As this question berls my brain (along with how many coats of paint will it take to cover the big X on the front of your house), I'll just admit what I do at home.  I pray.

What If?

I wrote, "Wayne Mack played many rolls -- a sportscaster, writer, voice of the Saints, host of the Midday show, The Great McNutt, etc.  What if he had done the Midday show as The Great McNutt?"
"The opening would have included 'Lights, camera, action, start the cotton pickin' show"
     ---JuJu, Houston but I wan'na be in New Orleans
"Terry Flettrich would not have borrowed his wig"
     ---Barbara, Nawthshore
"You mean those old gals would have had to crawl through the barrel to get to their seats?"
     ---Isabella, Da West Bank

Here's Another One:
Buddy D was our beloved sports broadcaster and writer.  What if he were still with us -- what would his comments be (in his own vernacular) about how the city, state, and federal government responded after Hurricane Katrina?

Answer: One can begin the names of New Orleans neighborhoods:
LAK = Lakeview
UPT = Uptown
CAR = Carrollton
MID = Mid City
CEN = Central City and/or Central Business District
GAR = Garden District
FRE = French Quarter
GEN = Gentilly
BWY = Bywater
NIN = Ninth Ward
LOW = Lower Ninth Ward
ALG = Algiers
NOE = New Orleans East
VIL = Village De l'est
VEN = Venetian Isles

To ask or respond to a question, email Mr. Lake.  Mr. Lake is not listed in the Guinness Book but has a slightly above average IQ and an avid interest in all things pertaining to New Orleans.

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