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By Mr. Lake

We ordered a Caesar salad at a local restaurant this past weekend and it arrived at our table as a bed of greens with the dressing poured on top. We were forced to actually mix the greens ourselves (can you imagine this atrocity?). It took us several minutes to disperse the dressing amongst the greens and we were beside ourselves, to say the least.  It was quite difficult to distribute the dressing while trying not to spill very much lettuce onto the table or floor.  This whole experience was just so ickey!
Please explain, Mr. Lake, why restaurants do things like this?  This debacle undermined our dining experience and added to our ultimate disappointment in this popular (I can't imagine why) restaurant.
-- Bitter
The answer appears at the end of this week's column.

I am a long time local restaurant critic, broadcaster, writer, cookbook author, coordinator of meals where I get a kick-back, booker of cruises (where I get a kick-back), and general know-it-all but when I posted a message on the Internet today -- inquiring as to why people seem to not like me -- almost every responder (except for a few lackeys) alluded to the fact that they don't like me.  I guess it shouldn't matter because I deleted the entire thread but still, I wonder...
I think this is all due to the lack of emotiveness inherent in the written word and I posted a link to a study that supports my thesis.  What do you think?
I think they don't like you.

Answer:  In the wake of Hurricane Katrina the U.S. governmental agencies have yet to fund salad tossing.  A bill is pending in the House but it is attached to pork like appropriations which will likely result in rejection due to the anti-vegetarian PACS.  If you encounter this problem again you might consider taking the approach of the good people in St. Bernard Parish who simply dig in and do it themselves.

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