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July 16, 2006

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July 16, 2006
By Mr. Lake

What phrase does the following suggest: alpaninnazn?
---JCG, Bridgedale
The answer is at the end of this week's column.

I say that one can love only living creatures, such as people and animals, or natural creations, such as Lake Ponchartrain and our beautiful live oaks. My boyfriend says one also can love objects such as po-boys and Monkey Hill.  What do you think?  
---Mrs. Fury, Laplace

Well, oysters on the half shell are living creatures as well as they are objects (food) and I love them.  End of discussion.  Your boyfriend wins the argument.  By the way, does your husband know about this?

What If?

I wrote, “Garland Robinette was a television host but now only works on radio.  But what if he had starred on the radio first and had not worked in television?" Here are some of your answers:

“He nevuh would'a met Angela".
—Towanda, Lake Charles by way of New Orleans

“Didn't he marry dat goil who woiked at da zoo?

“Who is Garland Robinette?”
—Danno, Detroit

If all the navigable roads in New Orleans were laid side by side, what area would they cover?
---KOMAR, Middle Aged Metry

Since Katrina, navigable roads in our city would cover an area approximately the size of Storyland.

Answer: Aluminum pan in'na zinc!
Al (Aluminum) pan in'na ZN (Zinc)

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