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The New Orleans Savant
By Mr. Lake

What is the history behind naming hurricanes? We don’t give names to blizzards or earthquakes or other destructive phenomena.
---Maria, Gentilly

The tradition goes back to many years ago when the most notable hurricanes to hit the greater New Orleans area were distinguished from each other by guys sitting at the bar at Johnny White's pondering which girlfriend's or wife's name most appropriately suited the nature of an impending storm.  For example, a terrible 1960's hurricane was named Betsy because all of the men feared her and knew that she was to be taken seriously when threatening.  The more recent (and never to be forgotten) Katrina was so named because she was a bitch and when she came around practically everyone ran for the hills.

Blizzards and earthquakes so rarely occur in New Orleans that the guys never even thought about naming them.

What If?

What if Luan Hunter (Al Copeland's third x-wife) isn't successful in retaining a private chef in the custody settlementHere are some of your answers:

“I guess she'd have to go to Popeyes".
—misriveria, Up the river but I love New Orleans

“Didn't he marry dat goil who woiked at da zoo?

“Who is Luan Hunter?”
—Danno, Detroit

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Which of the following does not belong in carry-on luggage at Moisant (also known as Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport): a bottle of scotch, a gallon of daquiri from a drive-up window, a pint of gumbo, and a muffuletta?
--Cittiison, Dallas, Texas (but I wan'na be in New Orleans)
The answer is at the end of this week's column.

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Answer: a bottle of scotch
You can get scotch anywhere but you can only get a genuine muffuletta, a great New Orleans style gumbo, and a gallon of frozen daiquiri from a drive-up window in New Orleans.

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